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Q: "I have noticed that you are running on a "be kind to animals" ticket and encouraging vegetarianism. But what about RATS? Is it OK to kill rats? When I was a kid, I used to feed water rats at the marina across the street. People thought my friends and I were weird. Would you keep on killing the subway rats? Some are cute. The present mayor does not even want us feeding PIGEONS! Are all animals equal, or are some more equal than others?"

REPLY: "How would you like to head a commission to address the issues raised in your letter?"

Q: "Part of the original rat-feeding marina site burned down yesterday."

REPLY: "I had nothing to do with it, think its terrible, and if elected will work diligently to see you and your friends get the quality alternate site you deserve. Will you and your friends volunteer for my campaign? When I'm Public Advocate things like this won't happen."

Follow up: For a nice rat website see: www.dapper.com.au/ ; for rat cruelty/solutions see: www.triroc.com/rats
Poisoning rats is cruel and does not work well because they tend to breed to the level of the food supply presented to them by garbage. To get rid of rats get rid of exposed garbage. What's probably needed is a gradual phase in of rat proof garbage enclosures.



Born NYC, raised upstate, NYU engineering, licensed building contractior, water utilities, and land development. Was active in community improvements. Technical interests electrical/electronic equipment, nuclear/plasma fusion power, and opposition to contemporary manned space missions. (Shuttle, Space Station, trips to Moon/Mars are too expensive and provide little return). Squirrels and some NY politics.

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Good vegan soap: Pears

Best value soymilk: Mogami (if available)

Great vegan pumkin pie recipe: Use Silk Very Vanilla soymilk and ENER G egg replacer instead of milk and eggs. (another optional egg replacer: 1 egg = 1 T ground flax seeds mixed with 3 T of water)

ratty city squirrel (scarysquirrel.org - edited)
nice country squirrel (scarysquirrel.org - edited)

For a recent picture of me and my pet squirrel, Haystacks Calhoun, see: http://www.triroc.com/wtc/pix/squirrel

At The Bronx civil trial I testified Canty was shot first, Allen second, the third shot missed, Cabey fourth, and Ramseur fifth, but surprisingly not much attention was paid to this. So to clear up any confusion about the Christmas 1984 New York subway shooting, here's what actually happened after I was surrounded by a group of 4 thugs and one of them calmly told me "Give me five dollars.":

I decided to shoot as many as I could as quickly as I could. I did a fast draw, and shot with one hand (my right), pulling the trigger prior to the gun being aligned on the targets. All actual shots plus my draw time occurred easily within 1.6 seconds, and possibly within 1.1 seconds. This is not as difficult to do as some might think, and occasionally I give a description of the technique along with a re-enactment.

The first shot hit Canty in the center of the chest. After the first shot my vision changed and I lost my sense of hearing. The second shot hit lightning fast Barry Allen in the upper rear shoulder as he was ducking (later the bullet was removed from his arm). The third shot hit the subway wall just in front of Cabey; the fourth shot hit Cabey in the left side (severing his spinal cord and rendering him paraplegic). The fifth shot hit Ramseur's arm on the way into his left side. I immediately looked at the first two to make sure they were "taken care of", and then attempted to shoot Cabey again in the stomach, but the gun was empty. I thought Cabey was shot twice after reading a media account no shots missed; I had lost count of the shots and while under adrenaline I didn't even hear the shots or feel the kick of the gun. "You don't look too bad, here's another" is a phrase I came up with later when trying to explain the shooting while I was under the impression that Cabey was shot twice. The legal nit-pickers can note that Cabey, who was briefly standing prior to the shooting, was sitting on the subway bench during all attempted shots. The others were standing.

Shortly after the shooting my vision and hearing returned to normal and I saw two women, who I thought also might have been shot. I talked to them and then sat down. The subway conductor entered the car, talked to me and the two women, and left the car. The train slowed down and stopped. I decided to make a break for it, climbed down to the tracks, ran to the Chambers Street Station, and took a cab home.

For accurate 1984 subway incident information, google: WIKIPEDIA GOETZ or read: "Subway Gunman" by Mark Lesly, Ch. 4 - 16. Almost all other sources are garbage.